The power of the powershot

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Re: The power of the powershot

peter42y wrote:

Over and over again I have read that small sensor cameras cannot be compared with cameras with sensors several times larger.

I will show you 2 pictures.

They were not shot at the same time but they are pictures of the same place.

One is taken with 1/2.3 sensor.

the other taken with a sensor several times larger.

Look here

It's true.

Most P&S's can create very nice image in daylight, as you are comparing.

Try comparing images taken in lower light that require higher ISO's (try around ISO 800) and then tell me that the sensor size does not matter.

I have an SD1300IS (1/2.3 sensor) and an S100 (1/1.7 sensor) and did some test shots at ISO 800.  No comparison, the larger sensor S100 blows away the smaller sensor SD1300IS.  The delta would be even higher if compared to an even larger sensor camera (like a dSLR).

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