Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

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he's voicing the issues one can't fix/control

I'd bet more than 50% of the posters here are part timers. I'd bet half of the rest make less than $5k a year from photography.

What that actually means I do more in a month than they do in a year. A year for me is 12 years for them. And I"m not talking money - I'm talking experience.

Go ask a 19 year old anything about anything -they are experts in everything. They know it all, don't they? Now go talk to someone with 10 or 20 years experience in life and they seem to know less...why is that do you suppose?

As in making sure the bills are paid every month, as in posing clients, as in dealing with personalities, as in doing work for the money rather than because I like the person that wants the pictures done.

Get a traditional job and you work 5 days a week and usually do the same thing over and over. In a couple of months you've got 40 days on the job, done the typical tasks what, 80, 120 times? Maybe more?

If you shoot 5 weddings a year how long till you have two months of experience (as in 40 days shooting, as in 40 weddings?) Eight YEARS.

And yes, experience (aka practice) makes a HUGE difference. The first time you do ANYTHING you won't do it as well as you will the 10th time or 100th time. Right?

So it may appear that the poster is 'complaining'. Not really. What he's doing is voicing the issues he can't fix - nobody can fix. What you and others are doing is being the 'know it all 19 year old'. You've not done it so 'how hard can it be?', right?
You just want to do it, do it everyday, you think it's all peached and cream if given a chance, you'd never complain. These parents and coaches and leagues would never bother you.
Sorry, it would. In no time at all you'd sound just like him. I know this because I was once like you - and now years later sound a lot like him.
In december a wrestling league I'd shot for 3 years straight voted to keep me - then the new president has a friend do the pictures 3 weeks before I was booked to do them. Who told me? A parent not on the board that's who.
I got a call on a tuesday - 'can we do basketball pictures next week?' - great news of course we can. "Can we use the gym?" no, we have to use the hallway outside the cafeteria...OK...  Shooting pics and one parent says "I forgot my checkbook at home - I"ll run and get it...and she takes her child with her...Another kid comes so late we re-do the team pic AFTER the game...sweaty kids with messy hair in the team pic.
I have 5 leagues scheduled for april. The first is now just what, 5 weeks away. I need to get order forms - how many? Don't know...everyone should be signed up. If I order too few I'm screwed, too many and I'm throwing money away. I can't wait too long - but one league has already asked for's WAY too early. I know my job - they'll misplace the forms. Been there done that.
This is the reality. I'm not talking ANYTHING about gear, lighting, posing, workflow, printing, packaging, delivery. That's the EASY stuff, the FUN stuff. The ROUTINE stuff. Managing the people, the clients, the employees, your suppliers and costs - THAT is the challenge and THAT is what we complain about.
I can tell you how great my check scanning service is...or I can complain how they raised their monthly fee 10 fold this year.
Few people mention how great dinner out was last night, last week. But let the food come cold, the server spill your drinks, make you wait in line 2 hours and you'll never shut up about it.
Human nature.

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