Is it worth contacting Sony to offer design tips?

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Re: Fn button on 6 and 7?

Other than sub-indexing the menus and adding physical buttons (and info displays), there are not too many options for the designers. And part of the Nex appeal is its uncluttered look.

Not sure about that. I think simply allowing the user to re-order and re-group functions within and between menus would make the cameras a whole lot easier to use. My ancient, dumb, Motorola flip cellphone allows me to do that.

Why should users have to figure out a way to remember that "Flash compensation" lives under "Brightness/Color" rather than having it reside with "Flash mode" under "Camera." Why not group all flash functions together? Or give users the option to group them in a way they find sensible to them?

Simply being able to put the long list of items under "Setup" in some intuitive order (alphabetical, for example)—or, even, allowing them to be re-named—would be a huge help in finding the function one is looking for, assuming one can remember what Sony decided to call it.

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