No Adobe Support for Sigma Merril

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Re: Amadou Diallo :

PicOne wrote

Yes,.. the oh so great and beneficent Adobe, whose ongoing charitable work in this area should be so much admired. Oh wait.. this just might lead to more people buying or upgrading Adobe's product?

No, Adobe is not a charitable institution, but a business expecting to profit on their products just as Sigma is not a charitable institution, but a business anticipating a profit on their products. Adobe likely has some idea of prevalence of Sigma cameras out there and has done the business analysis regarding expansion to X3F support.

My experience with Sigma is limited to several lenses, currently the 85 f/1.4 and the 35 f/1.4, which are wonderful. I do use Lightroom. I have never used Sigma Photo Pro given no experience with Sigma cameras.

As I wrote this thread I went back to the Sigma forum site and noted that of the 60 threads on the first page at the time, 26 were software related, 24 of those related to SPP, with a significant number of those having a generally negative tone. If Sigma itself has a hard time processing the code they engineered it is probable that a third party would also encounter difficulty in maintaining an acceptable level of service.

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