Is it worth contacting Sony to offer design tips?

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Re: Is it worth contacting Sony to offer design tips?

parallaxproblem wrote:

MrTaikitso wrote:

of any sort design their products to be inconvenient to boost sales of a different model or make people upgrade every year. I so liked the 70s and 80s when things were built too last 5, if not 10 to 20 years. Most CRT TVs that people threw out when they upgraded to flat screens a few years ago were probably in their homes at least a decade or two, if not more. Same with cookers, microwaves - even cars!

FWIW I've still got my CRT TV and keep my 19 year-old car running with scrap-yard parts and a set of spanners... as I did with all my previous vehicles regardless of my salary. I also harbour a near-obsessive hatred of Apple products because in spite of their extortionate price tags they are clearly built to be landfill within 18 months (non-replaceable batteries which wear out too quickly, uprotected fragile screens, mandatory OS updates, etc). But most people I know think I'm crazy

Incidentally, planned obsolescence dates back much further than the 1970's/80's. This makes interesting viewing:

I'm no Apple fanboy, and i take your point re planned obsolescence of industrial, consumer items, but my iMac has been chugging along for eight years, a relative eternity for a personal computer.

But, yes, the processor is not upgradable, and i'm stuck with an operating system three generations older than the current one which will not run current software versions, so, alas, i'm being forced to upgrade.

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