What will happen when a D400 comes

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Re: What will happen when a D400 comes

Josh152 wrote:

Nikon Japan has already discontinued the D300S. It s no longer being manufactured and likely the production lines for it no longer exist. Besides it is based on the old D3/D700 platform and would not be used for a new camera anyway. That just isn't how it works. A D400 would have to fit the current design standards and conventions not to mention the control layout and design that is used in the rest of the new lineup. This requires designing a new camera based on the D4/D800 platform. It is not as easy as simply sticking a new sensor in a D300s body.

Where do you get this info that the D300 is no longer being manufactured?  It's for sale everywhere else in the world besides Japan which has battery regulations that probably impacted it.

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