Meat Cleaver or Gun

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Re: Mr. Corona made a "point"

Chato wrote:

Bill Force wrote:


I remember this very well as I lived just to the South but in the same fruit belt in the San Joaquin Valley. The broceros who worked the fields knew of him and they spoke of him as the Devil. Mexicans by and large are very superstitious people, they have more haunting tales and superstitions than you can imagine but this was factual, morbid but factual. Juan never fired a shot either.

What is the moral, ethical, or practical difference between killing 26 people immediately or over the course of a few months?

There was this Russian (At that time Soviet) killer who one by one killed over a 100 people. He didn't use a gun for any of these killings.

Yet every media outlet in America covers these mass killings as if they are the issue. The issue is the mass of disturbed people who harm themselves or others, and the total lack of facilities to treat them.

In the last month, seven people have thrown themselves in Front of subway cars. That's one ​month. They didn't have guns to commit suicide; did that stop them? Does anyone care? Is anyone proposing more mental health facilities? Is this problem, (as society gets more complex and oppressive) going to go away on it's own? Are killings going to magically stop?

Can someone tell me the Magic Spells to use to save all these people, and/or the ones they target?


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

Chato, you are smartest and most polite liberal on this forum. I wish other liberals will get your message across...

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