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Re: Paper for Panoramas

As others have said, the 3880 driver has no support for roll paper.

Setting up an external roll paper holder would be easy enough, but at the end of the first print, the driver would say "I'm done" and proceed to feed the "sheet" of paper out. The result is that the entire roll of paper would be fed through and end up on the floor in front of the printer.

I printed to my R2400 for many years, including a lot of panoramas to roll paper. When the 3800 came out I was ready to upgrade until I saw that it had no roll paper support. So I stuck with the R2400.

A few years ago I got a 7900 which has superb roll paper support. So I eventually retired the R2400 and got a 3880 to go with my 7900.

The 3880 is good with sheet paper but has no roll paper support. The 7900 has good roll paper support and not so good sheet paper support.


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