D800E to 5d mk. III? paralyzed by analysis

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Re: D800E to 5d mk. III? paralyzed by analysis

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As a Canon SLR/DSLR user since FL days, I still have to say to you that this proposed move from Nikon to Canon seems to me like a way to spend a great deal of money pointlessly. If there are problems with the AF of the D800/D800e (I don't know – are there?), the kind of static photographs you are taking should allow you to overcome these extremely easily – we are not talking sports or birds-in-flight here – and although there are some excellent Canon lenses there is not as yet any Canon equivalent to your favourite 14~24.

I agree completely, that the AF issue COULD be overcome-- in my case, by switching to manual focus. It isnt a question of the D800E not being able to track, or acquire focus quickly enough, it simply isnt acquiring focus in any reliable fashion--

It literally varies wildly from shot to shot, even when tripod mounted, with no change in any setting or variable-- on test targets, and in real world shooting--that is utterly unacceptable, which is why its back at Nikon for the second time.

I would think it would be a requisite that you could trust the camera to do what it claims it can do, Im not expecting it to function beyond what is reasonable.

To say there is an easy work around is akin to saying if the air conditioning in your car doesnt work, you can always roll down the windows for the same effect. True enough, but it doesnt make it ok.

At this point, the only solution, should Nikon fail to get it right, is to get a Zacuto hood, and just use live view-- and that isnt fully acceptable to me.

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I understand the frustration of using a camera that doesn't function reliably. Hopefully Nikon can resolve the issue (whether it's with your individual camera or with the 800E model as a whole). In the meantime, why not rent a 5DIII for a week to see if you will be happy with it? We can all speculate here on the pro's & cons, but a new camera may or may not be a better solution for you personally.

In terms of the subject matter you shoot, I see a lot of variety and tasteful creativity in your work and would encourage you to keep at it

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