What will happen when a D400 comes

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Re: What will happen when a D400 comes

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I think they would at least need to add a D300 like body.

That would likely make the camera cost over $2000. At that price it would be a non starter. There is nothing wrong with the D7100 body and using it makes a lot more sense from a business prospective.

Why would it make it cost $2000? As of 5-6 years ago, the D300 didn't cost $2000.

First Nikon has to design and test not only a new body but also a new production line to make a D400. That costs money. The other issue is there is a much smaller market for the D400 than there was for the D300 which was likely already a lower profit margin camera at it's price. When the D300 came out the only alternatives were the much more expensive D700 or the Much less capable D90 so the only choice for and affordable semi pro camera was the D300. Canon didn't even make a equivalent camera.

Or, maybe the D300s body they already have works just fine. I'd be perfectly happy with a D400 that was a D300s body with an upgraded sensor, AF and electronics. It would even fit the grip I already have.

Now, I personally have no idea if they'll do a larger body style or make it a D9000 (same body as D7100 with upgraded specs), but I don't think it's a forgone conclusions that a larger body style D400 has to be a redesign from the ground up like you seem to assume.

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