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Didn't work for me

David Naylor wrote:

Did a quick search for DotTune, a term coined by Snapsy over on the Fred Miranda forums. Seems it hasn't been mentioned on this forum, and I think it should be.

It is a new (?), quicker method for finding the correct micro-adjust value for your lenses. Here's the basic procedure:

  • Use live view (on tripod ofc.) and either AF or MF to set perfect focus on a high-contrast target. (Canon recommends 50x focal length.)
  • Switch off AF and exit liveview.
  • Half-press shutter to check for focus confirmation (green light in viewfinder/beep). Confirmation should come immediately. Repeat 10 or so (my suggestion) times to be sure.
  • Increase the MA value by one, check again for focus confirmation. Keep increasing MA until you notice the first signs of hesitation (slight delay or on/off flickr) in focus confirmation. Make a note of the last value giving perfect focus confirmation (say +4).
  • Repeat the above to find the lowest value giving perfect focus confirmation (say -12).
  • The midpoint between the two values should be your perfect setting. Add your two numbers up and divide by two. Example: (4 + (-12))/2 = -4

I may have forgotten some part of the procedure, so do read the original post by Snapsy. (The rest of the thread is pretty interesting too.)

I tried, followed the instruction, checked the video and it doesn't work for me. Canon 7D: I did the dot-tune and the ruler (LensCal) method:


Lens 70-200: DOT: +8 (-1 to +17) Ruler: -2

Lens: 17-55: DOT: -5 (-16 to +5) Ruler: +2

Lens: 40 DOT: +7 (-4 to +17) Ruler: -5

Didn't work for me.

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