MYTH: More guns = violence

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Do they pay you to post here? Does the pay depend on the level of dumbness of the post and number of comments it generates? No wonder you don't have to work...

Is that the level of violence in a society has nothing to do with the kind of arms used. War in the ancient world was just as bloody proportionally as it is today.

People fight for whatever reasons they perceive as justification, and whether it's tanks or chariots, the death toll is proportionally the same. Rome, with a total population of six million, lost almost 300,000 men in their second war with Carthage. And they were the winners of that war.

The Peloponesian War depopulated Greece. And needless to say, it's extimated that Ghenghis Khan was responsible for the deaths of 60 million people.

60 million - did so many people even live at his times?

Do you think I'm making numbers up out of a hat? Old Ghenghis, had no use for the Chinese people. There were close to 200 million of them at the time, and he murdered about 40 million or so. In his other conquests he destroyed Islamic Civilization from Pakistan to the Middle East.

And the only weapons he needed were swords and Bow and arrows.

The numbers range from 40 million to q 100 million. Google it and then get back to me.


Well, he only asked a question.
Just think about it, if there were guns at that time, how many times more they could have killed.
You probably wouldn't see me here today.

You think? The Cities of Bokhara, Samarkand, Herat, were burned to the ground and the ​only survivors were the handful who managed to stay hidden.

And even they were later killed when the Mongols made a surprise return.

This is a silly way of rebutting me. I mean that. It's just plain silly.

The ​only reason​ the majority of North Chinese survived was because some of the civilized allies of Ghenghis, managed to convince him, that he could profit more from living people then dead ones.


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