Help with Lightroom 4....Please

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Re: Help with Lightroom 4....Please


+1 to what's already been said: if you've imported the files into Lightroom, they're still there. I have only a couple extra comments.

The key thing with Lightroom is to realize that, once you've imported files into it, you need henceforth to use it as your file manager. If you want to find a file and open it, don't do it in the Mac OS X Finder or Windows Explorer: get into Lightroom first, and use the browser in the library. To view and edit a file that's been imported, start in Lightroom, find the file and just select it.

I find it not just useful but pretty near essential to organize my photos by date taken. Lightroom understands this method of organization, and it's based on something absolute (date taken) not something squishy like content or project or whatever. Basic organization by date looks like this (these are folders):








If I import from an SD card, Lightroom is able to parse the files out into the right folders for me.

Final note: One thing that ´╗┐will´╗┐ cause you problems is moving or renaming a folder (or an image file) on the computer using the computer's filing system rather than Lightroom. That's why I say, once the files are indexed in Lightroom's database, use Lightroom as your asset manager, even if you use another program to process them (as I sometimes do).


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