A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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Re: The general wisdom is...

richarddd wrote:

sbszine wrote:

Good primes

Samyang 7.5 / 3.5 fisheye

Panasonic 20 / 1.7

Panasonic 25 / 1.4

Oly 45 / 1.8

Oly 60 / 2.8 macro

Oly 75 / 1.8

Good zooms

Panasonic 7-14 / 4

Panasonic 12-35 / 2.8

Panasonic 14-45 / 3.5-5.6

Oly 40-150

Everything else has its supporters and detractors, but the lenses above are considered good quality and / or value by pretty much everyone.

Are there detractors for the Oly 12/2?

There are a lot of complaints about the AF noise and speed of the Panasonic 20/1.7.

I didn't get very good subjects to try it out on (I'm in Florida, and I like landscapes, but such a flat land... I guess I could have gone to a beach but..), but I rented both the Oly 12mm and the SLR Magic 12mm for a week to try them both out. Oddly, I had more fun messing with the fully MF cine lens, with stepless aperture and such, but when I actually looked at the pictures, I liked the Oly a lot more.

It's very small, which is nice, and it has very good image quality. The SLR Magic had more flare and much heavier vignetting. The short experience I had with it favored the Oly, except maybe for video, which I don't do much.

Which segues on to the 20mm f1.7. This was my first prime, and it's great. Small, nice aperture, very good image quality, pleasing colors, etc etc. Now for the bad:

Sound: Yes, it's present. This mostly affects video, as it's not very loud, just recordable. I don't do much video, so there you have it.

On the E-PL1 (my long exposure/backup camera) this lens is pretty slow at auto focusing, especially in low light. However, this speed was greatly increased on the GX1 (first camera) and my new OM-D the lens is actually pretty quick on auto focus. There are faster, but it's no where near as slow as some many of the P&S I've used. I tried it around my indoor work office, and it almost always was focused in less than a second.

Compared to some of my other lenses:
75/1.8 beats in hands down. Instant focus.
45/2.8 Macro This lens has a similar focus time to the 20mm on limit for me, and is longer when on full. This is mostly due to being a Macro though.

shihhan wrote:

Hey Tom, what made you get the 60 macro?

I'm debating. The 45 v. 60... Macros
s I already have 45 f1.8 covered...

Is the 60mm reach make up for lack of ois?
The problem with 45 is it feels a bit redundant with the 45 f1.8 already covered?


I haven't used the 60mm, but I know how you feel. I have the 45mm f2.8 and I feel gettiing the 45/1.8 would be redundant, even though I feel a desire to have it (faster aperture, faster AF, better bokeh.) I have the 75 though, so what I plan to do myself is wait and see how the new 42(43?)/1.2 is going to be. If it's not ridiculously expensive and has really good quality, I'll probably get that instead and keep the 45 just for macro.

As for OIS, since I have the OM-D now I don't have to worry about it, but if you're on a Panasonic body, I wouldn't recommend going larger.. OIS is more significant the longer the focal length. The 60 doesn't make up for OIS, it makes the lack of OIS more evident.

And just to follow the trend I guess I'll list my lenses and thoughts:

Primes (I like primes over zooms):
7.5mm f3/5 Rokinon Love it, it's fun, sharp, and I like the distortion. Manual focus is easy and fun. Can be dim sometimes, but not for the type of shots I use it for (outdoor, sky, etc) unless it's moon/stars, and that's tripod time.
15mm f8 Body Cap: Toy lens. Fun. Better quality than expected, obviously not as good as anything else on list.
20mm f/1.7 Already covered
45mm f/2.8 Already covered. Nice, but a bit slower than the 45mm 1.8 in all respects. At 2.8 I've read the Oly is a smidge sharper also.
75mm f/1.8 Very very excellent lens. Very pricy too. Takes very sharp pictures wide open, and on and up to and pasty f/11 (past f/11 suffers from diffraction, which is sensor, not the lens, but up to f/16 still looked pretty good). I like this both as portrait and short telephoto.

Zooms(not much of a fan of these):
45-200mm: Decent, but I don't find myself using it much. The focus, while accurate to.. something... usually doesn't get what I want at the far end, and the manual focus isn't fast enough for me. I ended up adapting an old 200mm f/3.5 prime for my long shots, so I hardly use this.
12-50mm: I just got this for various reasons, and haven't been able to really test it. Mainly as a cheap wide, and to take advantage of my weather sealed body. I dislike slow lenses, but since I will mostly shoot in daylight, we'll see.

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