If no D400, why doesn't Nikon tell us?

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Re: I think you'll get much the same IQ John...

JimPearce wrote:

Suppose I shoot a bird with my 300 f2.8 VR at f4.5 and the 1.25x crop. That is roughly equivalent to shooting with the 1.4x TC in DX at f7.1 (both have a DOF roughly equal to 600mm at f9 on FX). So yes, you lose a stop of high ISO/DR from the crop, but you should gain it back by using one stop lower ISO. Equivalence again - the D7100 in crop mode should roughly be a micro four-thirds sensor with the performance of the D300's sensor.

Yeah, but that comparison only works if you can't shoot the lesser crop at the same aperture and same ISO. If you can, then the larger sensor (or less crop) has better performance. I'm not reach starved on every shot I take - only some. When shooting soccer with my 200-400, I'm shooting today with the D300 at full aperture and most of the time cropping only for ideal framing. I don't want a 1.3x crop mode and to throw away the IQ that happens when you do that, nor do I want to lose the ability to use the full sensor when the action is closer. Basically, I don't want a 4/3 sensor with my 200-400 f/4 for all the soccer I shoot. I'm quite happy with the DX sensor size. I'm also hoping to gain IQ by going to a new generation of camera, not give most of it back by shooting at 4/3 sensor size.

Look, if the D7100 works fine for some of you in this regard, I'm fine with that, but I'm interested in something better.

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