> 1,000 patients recorded by this gynecologist

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Re: > 1,000 patients recorded by this gynecologist

Princess Leia wrote:

Disgusting but do the patients have a case at all against the hospital since the doctor committed suicide?

Yes, in all probability the patients do have a case. The basis is an old English law, now applicable in America, which holds the Master responsible for an act of the Servant. There is a latin name for it which escapes me at the moment.

The patients can file suit and it will probably go to court unless of course the hospital decides to settle before it gets to court. It certainly was an invasion of privacy but if and when the cases reach court, and decided there, one can only speculate on what the Court might decide on as monetary damages.

The patients had every expectation of the rights of privacy and that was violated. What the monetary damages might be is strictly a matter of conjecture.

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