Will I perceive a noticeable difference?

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Re: Will I perceive a noticeable difference?

Upgrading from a D70 to anything else is a no going back experience, unless you just want to prove a point. The thing to realise is that any digital camera does something very well - the D70 did everything very well in its day as it had no real competition, but pretty soon it started to lag. So it still does good photos, and at its best it sings, but when it struggles you'd be better off rubbing two sticks together.

The 70 was a compromise for me as I couldn't justify the extra expense of the canon 20d which had a far superior viewfinder. And whilst its lcd was no doubt state of the art at the time, it isn't any more. My upgrade to a D300 surprised me, not in image quality (which I expected, and was a giant leap in low light and dr) but the viewfinder and lcd, plus all those lovely focus points. It became practical to use on a tripod, I could check focus, dof, colour histogram - a totally different way of working. And the 300 now lags behind any current nikon on all the image quality issues. You'll wonder how you ever managed with a 70.

Raw v jpg - its a personal thing. Some folk delight in setting their camera for every shot, I don't. Get the exposure triangle near enough then process to taste, or lack of. If its worth taking, its worth processing. I do take shots which have very little pp, but I shoot 14bit raw and for landscape work I  generally process well beyond the limits of an 8bit jpg. This makes it right for me, but doesn't mean its right for the next person. But take away photoshop, and you can take my cameras with hit.

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