A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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Re: No dogs !

Jefftan wrote:

Is there a list of what is generally consider to be good or bad lens for new owner

lots of different lens with price from low to high

must be confusing

at least to me

I've not seen such a list but so far I have not come across any bad lenses. As far as i know there aren't any real dogs from either Panasonic or Olympus. Of course I have not used all of them. These are what I have used.


20mm f1.7. Considered by some to be slow to focus and noisy but although its not the quickest or quietest I have never found it to be too much of a problem.

25mm f1.4 Great lens.

14-45mm kit lens  Very competent lens. Its a bit slow aperture wise (typical for a kit lens) but no real complaints.

45-200mm I think that this is a real bargain. Some seem to have gotten bad copies but I really like this lens. The image stabilisation is excellent, and its optically very good.

100-300mm Considering the 600mm FOV the reach this lens offers for the size and weight is really handy for wildlife. The iamge stabilisation is good but i think its better on the 45 to 200.


The 14-42 kits lens and the 40-150 R might not be super high quality but they are decent enough. They are not built for battle either but this duo with an E-PL5 is my lightweight- go anywhere kit. It won't give you a hernia to add a small fast prime to the mix either.

9-18mm Small light covers ultra wide and overlaps nicely with the kit lenses. A very good UWA zoom that takes filters.

45mm f1.8 Another small and light weight lens and a real gem. A great portrait lens, but useful for many other applications too.

There are more and better lenses that I have not mentioned because I have not used them. Check out review sites like slrgear lenstip and photozone, but also look for blogs on real-world usage because the technical reviews don't tell the whole story. A review might tell which lens is the sharpest, but the difference might be imperceptible in real world images and sometimes the runner up might offer a better overall package.



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