Buffer vs write speed a 30 second test

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Re: I see your point, but here's the explanation.

MMuddler wrote:

Nikon D7100 specs... 12 bit compressed NEF in 1.3 crop mode .. buffer is 14 images.


I would argue that I don't care for my hi speed shooting whether it is compressed NEF vs uncompressed NEF... and if i can get 14 rather than 12 frames on the buffer, I'll go for it. I'd also say that if you are interested in max fps you will shoot in the 1.3 crop and get 15 mp images and 14 frame buffer, and get the 7 fps. I don't want full DX frames at 24 MP if I can get the crop (and take of my 1.4 TC) and faster fps. So that's my comparison basis.

So apples to near apples.... 17 drops down to 14.. the time difference isn't even that great because the 14 is at 7 fps while the 17 is at 8 fps. You can shoot your 1 second burst and have another go at it right away with the D7100.... and then wait a few seconds ( an eternity sometimes ) and do it again.

I might be willing to use the 1.3x crop mode for birding, but I'm not willing to use it for sports.  I need the whole frame if the action gets close rather than run out of room.  Plus, I'd rather use the whole frame and get max IQ when possible.

You're making several concessions that can impact IQ (12-bit, compressed, 1.3x crop), particularly the crop at high ISO.  Maybe the D400/D9000 will be a camera with a much larger buffer that can both go longer and do it without making concessions that can impact IQ.

Also, we sorely need some actual data from a real D7100 because drawing too many conclusions purely from specs can sometimes be inaccurate.

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