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Mod vs Public

I'd like to address your comment as a Mod vs Public.

First let me say, as having been a mod myself on a few sites in the past it's not always fun, especially because as soon as people see that identity they don't treat you the same nor do they always feel comfortable posting amongst mods, at least in heated debating topics such as this, as that has been my experience with myself and in talking to other mods.

Second, thank you for your thankless job.

It wasn't worth the for me and it took a lot of the fun I once had and tossed it out the window because anything I posted, whether it was mod or not always came across differently.

It's hard to wear both of those hats at the same time, so it doesn't surprise me when people say that, which was just the case here.

On that note, if I was the owner of this site, I certainly wouldn't let Mods post in heated topics  and would simply ask that any mods open up a separate account with a different user name, simple, done.

I would ensure that any post that says "from a mod", be used lightly and ONLY to ensure that forums don't go into a free for all and ethics are kept in check.

Most businesses that have people working for them in positions of authority have strict rules about what you can and can't do on and off company time. Sometimes those rules aren't always set in stone but are a code of ethics followed by people in higher positions because of public perception.

Take for example a police officer. There is nothing illegal with having a few drinks out a a pub, but if you are in a community and those people see you in there every day having a beer or two and getting into debated topics with the locals, I'm sure there would be public backlash and an iron fist coming down on your. That is why most go into a different town or in a large city or another suburb.

I am part of a search and rescue organization, volunteer for that matter, and we have rules of conduct that state we cannot wear any part of equipment or brand in any establishment that could be questionable, such as a pub or bar.

But the biggest thing I found from when I was a mod, was that anytime I entered a topic of debate, people didn't feel comfortable truly sharing their feelings for fear of the iron fist of the ban hammer. It can stifle communications in a negative aspect.

I certainly don't think that becoming a moderator should mean you stop posting all together as your rights are the same as everyone else. Heck, as a mod of a large online photo site I would think your posts should come with a wealth of personal knowledge. But I do think that it is only fair to the majority of the people that any "mod" should post "mod" things.

I would prefer you to speak your mind and debate with a public account and leave the mod account to actual moderating topics and posts.

Maybe I'm off base and wrong and the only one thinking this, but this is how I feel and a lot is based on past experiences.

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