Does Nikon know how to fix their cameras?

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Re: Does Nikon know how to fix their cameras?

entlassen wrote:

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Joe Tam wrote:

Anyone have this problem with Nikon not properly fixing cameras or introducing new problems when the camera is sent back?

Yup. D800E taken in for left AF point calibration. Came back with +15 needed for centre point, left point slightly out at +15, right point way out, new black speck on focusing screen that blower would not remove. Thus, incompetent repair along with no QC before being returned to customer. Pretty pathetic on the face of it.

Wow, those problems are the ones I experienced! Which service center did you ship it to?

Exacly same problems here, mine was sent to Stockholm, Sweden. Came back with more AF issues than only the lef side, now it had issues with both center and right. Came back filled with spots and dust on the focusing screen and now the camera gets jammed and I have to pull out the battery and "restart it". Something wrong with the flash sync, but they calibrated the LCD.

It is now sent back to them to fix the same issues they have not fixed since first time (its been there 3 times now). Nikon service guy phoned me and stated that they have fixed the AF issue, now, the 3rd time. Im pretty fed up with Nikon.

So lets see if the camera has the same issues this time, ill change it to a D4 or go back to Canon probably go back to canon or wait and use my 5dII.

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