Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

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income and stress

A wedding sells for $2700 on average for me. That takes 20-22 hours of my time and has perhaps $450 in costs (album, prints, gas, assistant, etc). Per job I get $2250, per hour $100. The stress here is you can't miss a shot, you can't get sick or 'just phone it in' and expect to be successful long term. Only a handful of people to please (bride and mom mostly)

A sports league of say, 150 kids takes 6 hours of my time and has sales of around $4200. Costs (labor, product, league 'fee', etc) is about $1600. Per job I get $2600, per hour I get $433. The stress here is you need help and they need to show up, be 100% accurate and friendly (one employee pizzing off one parent can cost you the league next year), messed up paperwork can cost you a ton of time, delayed delivery, reprinting pics, etc. Weather can be an issue, 150 different personalities and the board to please - and you can not please everyone.

Given a choice I'd like to spend my days shooting pretty HS senior girls. And have them spend $1500 on average. HOWEVER, the reality is the average sale is closer to $850 of late and 40% of seniors I shoot are guys and at least half the girls are not 'hot model' types. There is NO stress with HS seniors. None. Don't like the pics? We can reshoot, refund your session fee, etc. I guarantee I can make the sr and the mom happy, no problem at all.

If I only did what I wanted I'd starve to death under a bridge living in a box.

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