Shakeout in the mirrorless market

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I'd say keeping the K mount was the reason for its failure

Far from being a good idea I think that using the K mount was the reason for its failure - it meant that the K-01 was essentially the worst of both worlds: You got a large heavy body with no viewfinder, large lenses, no PDFA and lenses that perform badly with CDAF.

I cant help but think that if they had a camera half the size with a new mount and a set of decent compact lenses (Pentax seems to be good at making these for DSLRs) then they could have taken a nice chunk out of the CSC market for themselves.

The Pentax K-01 bites the dust and there appears to be no replacement or upgraded model in sight. Maintaining the K mount was a good idea but the poorly-received styling by Marc Newsom, surprisingly chunky size, and slow CDAF performance did not help. It looks like Pentax's entries into the mirrorless market have not gone well, despite the fact that the general concept of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras are apparently here to stay. The Pentax Q system has performed below expectations as well. The Q did well for a few weeks after a deep discount but has once again slid to mediocre sales.

Fortunately, with the K mount, existing owners of the K-01 will not be stuck with an inventory of soon-to-obsolete lenses. They can always upgrade to a K5-II or whatever else comes down the pike from Pentax.

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