Sony a77 appears to fake video specs!

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Re: What does he mena by, "lack of focus zoom"?

Switch the a77 to video mode and manual focus. Hit the focus zoom button. Nothing happens. Switch the mode knob to any of the other modes. It zooms in on a small area.

Focus zoom is one of the biggest advantages of EVFs. It lets you focus much more accurately than autofocus with fast primes. For me, it really came into its prime when I realized I could tweak focus by leaning my body a few inches forwards and backwards (rather than turning the focus knob). My a77 is always in MF mode. My procedure for semi-static photos now is:

  1. Hit AF/MF to get a course focus.
  2. Hold down AEL to get focus zoom (that's what I AEL mapped to).
  3. Lean in/out a few inches to get perfect focus.
  4. Sometimes re-position framing.
  5. Shoot.

The ergonomics of the a77 make this very fast. On the a55, this was mostly worthless (no AF/MF button, and focus zoom in a cumbersome location).

Sadly, this doesn't work for videos. Even more sadly, the camera moves the lens on start-up, so the a77 has to be refocused many times if you have a longer shooting session.

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