Reasons Of Picking X20 Over Canon G1 X

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photo perzon
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Re: I had both

tinpusher wrote:

If you had the G1X I'm surprised that you didn't realise that the body is aluminium and even the LCD is aluminium covered. The electronics and lens assembly is mounted on a stainless steel's built to last.

As for AF you have not realised that the camera is in focus well before the LED warning and can be fired rapidly.

Yes it's ugly but it knocks my X100 out of the game and any competent photographer can use the OVF when necessary for bright light or action.

I love my X10 but it's a different league .

Yes I had it

Yes it creaks as if it were plastic

I don't care the body is Al, it creaks like a plastic camera, probably cause there is no way to hold it without putting great stress on the body

AF was slow, all reviews say it

Ugly and heavy

Its OVF is a great displeasure to use - a real pain

You dare to compare a zoom with all its compromises to a clean prime such as the X100?

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