A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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Re: The general wisdom is...

shihhan wrote:

josbiker wrote:

For me the PZ 45-175 has been amazing. Very small, normally very sharp, the lens does not extend when zooming, and the two lenses are a good combo for hand held video clips

Who thinks that this lens is better than the 14-140 for video and foto's?

Can you "forget" the 14-140? Or....

I like "right"answers?

There is no 'right' or 'wrong' answers... as lens choice is as much a mixture of personal need (what you shoot) and your budget as it is to pure objective specifications.

For stills, the 45-175 X will beat the performance of the 14-140 pretty much throughout the range...

Image Quality wise (by looking at MTF charts): 45-175 X will give you much better images both at the centre and at the corners (excellent/good)... whereas the 14-140 will only give you good/fair pictures (if you blow the pictures up to 100%).

Aperture wise (by looking at aperture charts): the 45-175 X is comparatively faster (f4-5.6 variable)... whereas the 14-140 despite what they write (f4-5.8) can be pretty much considered a f5.8 lens, with a bit of f4 bonus at the wide end.

But granted both lenses aren't very fast... if aperture is what you want, then you're currently stuck with primes (45 f1.4, 45 f1.8, 75 f1.8) or the extremely pricey 35-100 X.

For video, the 45-175 X features power zoom, which gives you much better and smoother zooming action than manual zoom. (Even though most professional video never zoom anyway...)

Both lenses are HD / Video optimised.

The benefit of the 14-140 is mainly convenience, the fact you don't have to change lens from wide to telephoto... but with this you have to compromise (like every other lens), and unfortunately the compromise is you lose a bit of IQ, Aperture and size/weight.

The 45-175 X on the other hand, is built for image quality (smaller zoom range usually means better IQ) and size advatnage... but you have to compromise on zoom range. The price is also a lot cheaper (£250 v £500)

So it all depends on what you value most!

Very help full! Thanks!

Is it possible to "forget" also the 100-300 and use the ETC funtionality with this lens?

I become than 90-350 mm!! Which of the two is the sharpest above 200 mm?

I think if  I print max. A3 format that there is no difference, is that a fact?

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