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Re: You will love the 100-400L!

Wyville wrote:

yycPhotog wrote:

Thank you! Seeing as you have used the 100-400 L lens, is there a 'sweet spot', that is, say, f8 or other that keeps the majority of the bird in a sharp focus? I know light will be a limiting factor at times, but it seems like most lenses have an aperture value that really makes the images pop. Do you find this is the case with the 100-400 L, especially at say 400 mm, or does this lens perform well at all aperture values? Mainly concerned when it comes to photographing birds.

I don't really know about a sweet spot. I did a number of test images when I got the lens and found that stopping down to f/8 did help, but even at f/5.6 at 400mm I found the results very good. More important is the available light. I found the images get a bit flat if the light isn't very good. That, and I found that my skills in holding the lens by hand are a bit insufficient. For that I now bought a monopod and tilt head, just to try and get the extra sharpness in the feather details.

But I'm not really an expert or anything. I've had the lens a little under a year now and don't have a lot of time to use it, so the past year has mostly been about learning, enjoying some fresh air and trying to increase the number of species I have photographed.

Thanks for your reply! I definitely use a tripod and hold holding is going to be difficult. I have mild tremors that will blur most images unless I have a really high shutter speed, so with the lens purchase, I will also be purchasing a cable release as well. My tripod is a Manfrotto with a ball head which when loosened up, I can actually take pictures of birds in flight, (not good yet but improving with each set of images) as this gives me a full range of motion. Just have to learn to stand correctly so I don't trip over the tripod legs when panning with the bird.... 

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