Shakeout in the mirrorless market

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Re: Olympus was right 10 year ago!

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

Pity that Olympus and Panasonic loose so many years going in the wrong direction (huge 4/3 cameras and lenses) with a winning concept. Well, at least they are in the good way now!

It really does depend on what you want in a camera.

I liked Olympus' earlier Four Thirds products; they felt great, had a 'no-compromise' (or less compromised) approach with controls/ergonomics and had some magic lenses, again with less compromise.

They were basically aiming at Nikon/Canon and the units were bristling with features and direct controls.

I would have liked to see them continue the regular 'mirror' line-up, to be honest. What they are doing now makes me treasure my E-510 more, despite sensor tech having moved on since then. The mirrorless stuff does bring some new things to the table, of course. While taking away others.

I partly agree with you with a personal POV. I'm still an active E-5 user, mainly for the outstanding 4/3 lenses and if Oly comes with an E-7 with the OM-D sensor, I'll be probably in.

I should have said that Olympus was "commercially" in the wrong direction. As you said, they were trying to make Canon/Nikon models with similar sized cameras and lenses, but with sensors that were always behind in terms of IQ. That was not really sensitive IMHO, because their arguments when they launched 4/3 was the promise of making smaller cameras and lenses. They never really did it with 4/3.

M4/3 is a commercial success because in spite of smaller and lesser sensors (until the OM-D), the size and weight advantages were really evident. So the slightly inferior IQ was easy to forgive.

Now, I'm convienced that IF Olympus had a competitive sensor like the OM-D one when they launched the 4/3 system in 2003, this system would still be alive and well. But sadly, the story was written differently.

No one's to blame, of course. Olympus tried and they failed, it can happen, I don't have a problem with that.

But now, I'm happy that Olympus and Panasonic have gone the m4/3 route, which is really coherent IMHO.

M4/3 is no more the future, but the present of Digital Photography

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