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Mark B. wrote:

peter42y wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

peter42y wrote:

But its ok.

The wait is over.

The first picture, 6.2 MB , was shot with the Nikon V1 .

Actually I have a Nikon V1 as you can check .

Check in this threat a picture of my camera and bag.

The second picture, _0318 , was shot with a Canon Powershot Elph 500 HS ( Ixus 310 HS ), a camera that I did recommend here often, a small jewel of a camera.

The Elph 500HS did render more details , as Hank3152 wrote.

He wrote:

" The pic on the right renders more detail overall and sharpness in the corners. ".

See ?

The Elph 500hs ( Ixus 310 HS ) is a small jewel.

More pictures shot by me with the elph

The only problem with the camera is that it has almost no buttons, just a touch screen that is not very sensitive .

What were the settings on each camera - shutter, aperture, ISO? What lens was on the Nikon?

The nikon lens was the 10-30 mm lens.

The settings ?

Not much different from auto.

In the canon I was using P program, auto white balance, auto ISO .

Auto Shutter Speed In the Nikon the same ( maybe the WB of the nikon was auto plus Magenta +1 Red +1 , but I am not sure.

Basically the settings were auto.

My point is that if one had a higher ISO, the other a lower ISO and wider aperture it basically negates trying to do an equal comparison. Without knowing this, I don't see how you can say it was completely valid.

Nikon V1 :

Iso 200
F 3.5

Canon 500HS

F 3.5
Iso 100

Same aperture.

Canon ISO was lower.

Anyway.., a camera is not a iso  contest toy

A camera  is suposed to take pictures. The camera is a whole package. If a picture does get the same exposure and a camera does perform that with ISO 100 and the other with ISO 200..., it does make no sense to claim comparison is not valid .

ISOS were not the same. So what ? As I wrote camera is not a toy designed to compare iso noise with other cameras.

( Besides some claim, somes brands , sensors,  inflate their ISOS.They claim a ISO is 800 when actually its 400).

Camera is a machine designed to take pictures. Not a toy to compare nominal isos.

If I can get the same picture with a lower ISO ( and even   faster shutter speed ),  that is great and it is an advantage of the  camera that does manage to get such result

What does count is the output .

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