For those who have FF DSLR AND m43 and love street photography

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Re: For those who have FF DSLR AND m43 and love street photography

Ultimately it's whatever floats your boat. If you pine for FF, go back to FF.

I have a hard time imagining what you're seeing in classic 5D files that is preferable to OMD files. Maybe you can elaborate. The only advantage I can see for a 5D is narrower depth of field using fast primes wide open, which is not usual street photography use. In every other aspect the OMD files should be better. The 5D sensor is ancient at this point.

A D600 will give you better files than an OMD. More dynamic range, much improved high ISO, etc, etc. It's in the top of the heap of sensors today. It doesn't give you the portability, live view shooting advantages and unobtrusiveness the OMD does.

You haven't told us anything about how you view/present your images, or the conditions you work in. If you're making huge prints, shooting in terribly bad lighting, or really like pixel-peeping, go back to FF and ignore the fact that m4/3 is a better tool for the type of photography you like to do. Get fewer keepers, but be happier with how those files look.

Your first question doesn't seem very pertinent. Your issue is choosing between a FF cam with "better files" vs a m4/3 cam with other important advantages. Relative values of bodies to lenses doesn't seem to be that important. As long as you can afford two good Nikon primes to go with a D600 it doesn't much matter what the body/lens value split is. It's hard to imagine you'd need to replace a D600 with its successor in 2-3 years due to IQ improvements, the sensor is already stupendous.

Your second question is pretty obvious. Smaller cameras are usually less objectionable than bigger cameras to subjects, especially up close.

flashdiet wrote:

I own a micro four thirds system that I've been using since Christmas. I have the omd, panasonic 14mm, Olympus 17mm, and olympus 75mm...But I miss my canon 5d...I am thinking of going with used Nikon D600 and keeping it simple with a 35mm and 85mm prime lens...when I look at the files from my old Canon 5d classic, I really miss the files.

The reason I moved to m43 was because I had a fear of getting up real close to people when street shooting. The OMD REALLY helped me overcome that fear

So my question is two-fold:

1. Is it a smart move to move from a kit where the majority of my money is in the lenses (I have $1400 in m43 lenses) to full frame, where the majority of my money is in the body(d600 is about $1600 to 1700 used)? I think I already know the answer to this.

2. Even if I am comfortable taking pics REAL close to people with the OMD, do you think I will get different/bad reactions from people when I use a DSLR? When I use the OMD, I get a positive reaction.

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