Whale watching with an OMD

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Re: Whale watching with an OMD

Nice shots! I'd say you're a pretty brave man taking the 75mm out on a boat! I'd have left that one at home. Boats move, cameras swing from straps. Hands are busy holding onto things other than the camera - there's a good chance of a bump here and there! All's well that ends well, and that's why God made insurance, right?

Might be a good idea to wipe down all your gear. You likely have salt deposits everywhere, even if you can't see them. So a good thorough wipe down is probably a good idea, especially on the mounts for the body and the lenses. Someone probably has a better way of doing it, but a clean lint-free cloth and some isopropyl alcohol (though I'd probably not use that on the touch screen), should do the truck. Pull the rubber pad and do the grip contacts too. That stuff gets everywhere.

You may never have a problem, but this is 22 years of Navy experience. Salt will kill electronics.

Nice shots though. Must have been a unique experience.

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