13x19, 17x22 ready fit framing options

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Re: 13x19, 17x22 ready fit framing options

The 13X19 choice fits an entire sheet of photo paper and involves only a slight crop. Unless someone likes that size for reasons other than for 100% use of the paper, you're 12X18 suggestion sounds better. Of course 12X18 size and ratio lends itself to no-crop printing - and there are plenty of photographers who like to viewfinder crop their shots.

Printing at 12X18 gives you an uncropped ratio for a 2:3 sensor, and would fit nicely into an 18X24 frame with a 3" border. I've had good experiences with precut mats from the company listed below. Their prices are very low and the quality is good, plus their shipping is very well-packaged. I get metal frames with glass from Michaels when they are on sale.


Personally, I often crop my shots in PP to whatever ratio and size looks best to me. I plan to start cutting my own mats to whatever dimensions I end up with. Of course the issue of finding appropriate frames to fit such work (with equal borders or borderless) is often impossible with stock frames. You can buy custom frames or build your own, but this can become very expensive.

Anyone have a less expensive way to present (on a wall) protected photographs that aren't compromised by forced cropping?

smertz wrote:

Print the image out at 12x18 which will give you a little leeway for laying the mat. Dick Blick and Aarons both have cheap wood frames at 18x24. Wait for a two-fer sale at Aarons. The quality of those frames is pretty bad if you expect to be handling them a lot--rotating prints in and out frequently. Spend a little more for metal which hold up better. The glass that comes with those frames is pretty cheap too so look for scratches or use Plexiglas.

Mats that size will almost cost as much as the frame. Better to buy a few sheets of full mat board in basic black, grey, and white. Find a place that will cut them for you so you will have enough around.


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