Question about image stabilization on EPM-2 + hands-on comments.

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Re: Question about image stabilization on EPM-2 + hands-on comments.

As many people often rightly say, posting an example of what you're describing might be helpful.

I don't have your camera body, so I don't have direct experience with your issue, but I have an E-PM1 and an E-M5.

You write that you have the kit lens and the 25/1.4, and have a blurry shot with IS at a shutter speed of 1/200. You don't need IS at 1/200 for the lenses you've listed. With 43 and the 2x crop factor, the rule of thumb is 1/(2xfl) - so anything above 1/100 for the 12-50 kit zoom, or 1/80 for the 14-42, or 1/50 for the 25 shouldn't require IS. It would be nice if that was a programmable feature, to turn out automatically at some shutter speed threshold. In truth, it shouldn't matter if it's on at those shutter speeds, but it's motion of some kind and who knows how all that interaction plays out?

The E-PM1 has an issue with what is called "shutter shock." Search for it on the discussion boards. The easiest mitigation is to activate the "anti-shock" feature in the menus. This delays the shutter activation for some amount of time (user selectable, 1/8 of a second I believe is the shortest). This gives a small amount of time for sensor vibration induced by the shutter closing ending live-view, before it opens again for the actual exposure. I don't recall reading of this issue with your body, but it's possible I suppose.

You may wish to mount your camera on a tripod (which would normally obviate the necessity of IS), and then try a number of exposures and see if a particular shutter speed is more problematic than the others. If it consistently gives a bad result across a range of shutter speeds, then you may have a defective body. If one or two shutter speeds show blurring while others are clear, then it's likely some complex interplay between the IS system and the shutter sequence.

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