Is it worth contacting Sony to offer design tips?

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Re: Is it worth contacting Sony to offer design tips?

Glenn wrote:

Sony has, and continues to have, cameras in their lineup that have superior controls and interface layouts. I suspect the limitations in the cameras we have are by design rather than ignorance as a way of model differentiation This breeds a lot of contempt for Sony from Some quarters. what they need is an idea of how to clearly differentiate models in other ways and like you say standardize how you use them across the board. The problem comes with users of particular groups of cameras coming to Sony for the first time. Case in point the D40 you mentioned, I though it was an absolute disaster control wise. I don't think there is a one size fits all solution.

D40 was one of the world's first consumer DSLRs, so I suppose they didn't get everything right, although I got to use one the other day (battered but functional) and was impressed by it's speed considering how old a model it is. Took some great shots.

I hear you about product differentiation, but a simple change could work wonders. It is a cultural thing, the Japanese have never been good at usability. Samsung are light years ahead on ergonomics and menus - just pickup an NX 20. Feels great and the menus are superb.

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