Photographer of football photo is on the legal war path

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Re: He wont win.

"but few people know that Brian Masck took that photograph, which saddens him. .. even those, like Defendants, which know or should know that he took it, which disappoints him"

Tell me you didn't get choked up at this point.

"As a child growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Brian Masck, who was born in 1962, started taking pictures in the third grade. "

This is baffling. Why start at his birth and lead up to the photo at issue. At least tell me about his parents. What were they like. How did they meet. When did they decide to have a child. It's half a story the way the complaint tells it. To be really comprehensive, they need to start at true beginning of the story. The formation of the universe. Yes, even a cursory treatment could add several thousand pages to the complaint but it seems a small price to pay to present a complete picture of this important tale.

"Of photography, says Brian today, “It’s just what I do."

I started to weep at this point. This is a sad tale.
"He well understood that great photos come from being prepared, being present, being thoughtful and being bold."

I had to wipe my tears. This needs to be digested with dry eyes and open heart. Words of wisdom. Sorry I have to go -- I started to cry again.

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