Is it worth contacting Sony to offer design tips?

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Re: Is it worth contacting Sony to offer design tips?

lesnapanda wrote:

It's sure worth it, but what the chances are, those ideas will be implemented (and you rewarded for the effort)? Hard to say. I think the controls suck simply because of the effort to keep them simple (and hide the most functions, so that beginners don't get overwhelmed). Physical buttons for most of the settings? Sure, but a beginner will get a heart attack seeing such a camera (even if it would be a joy to most of us).

Well, most of the casual photographers I know actually own or owned cameras like the (excellent at the time) Nikon D40 - lots of buttons and fits in the hand, and produces great IQ. Most of the NEX users I see and chat with (here in the UK anyway) appear to be prosumers to pros, and chose NEX as their street camera because it offers the IQ of a larger body, but fits in the pocket.

Cameras like the popular Canon 650D and Nikon equivalent cater to the consumers here. They pick them up and know where all the controls are because they are marked. I used to watch people in Jessops, and consumers rush to the Canon/Nikon DSLRs, whilst prosumers and pros would (do!) head to Olympus/Sony/Panasonic area to handle an OM-D, NEX or GX1/GH2/3, already knowing the pros and cons of such cameras.

Just my take anyway, no pun intended.

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