A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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Re: A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

mh2000 wrote:

Jefftan wrote:

Is Olympus 17mm F2.8 a good lens?

Is it better or worse than Panasonice 14mm F2.5?


I shoot both, but prefer the 17. Others will argue that the 17 is a piece of crap, yet I and other can still manage to take good photos with it.

The Pan 20, P/L 25 and Oly 45 are both sharper than either the 14 or 17.

At f5.6 the 17 is a little better than the 14:


Some people don't care about lens performance at f5.6, so my test may or may not be useful to you.

On a budget, the Sigma 19 and 30 are pretty good lenses, but not as small as the 14, 17 or 20.

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It depends on what you shoot!

For wide angle stuff, then 14mm f2.5 wins hands down. It's also extremely compact (length wise)... comparable lenses are:

- 12 f2: better (and more wide), but pricey
  - 12-35 X f2.8: you trade off some aperture + IQ for the ability to zoom (and pricey)

For a more normal lens, then the 17 f1.8 is currently the king. It's a very good lens that is reasonably compact... comparable lenses are:

- 17 f2.8: the older 17 lens, IQ is decent, but AF is a tad slow. Though works out cheaper!
  - 20 f1.7: IQ is very good (head to head with 17 f1.8?), but AF is a tad slow.
  - 19 f2.8: IQ is OK and for a slower f2.8 the lens is a lot bigger. But costs only £99!

Also, for the slower f2.8 lenses the 12-35 X also becomes a viable competitor!

25 f1.4 is an excellent lens, but it would be considered a different range (more std than wide), and quite pricey.

30 f2.8 is good for the price (£99)... but its a lot slower.

45 f1.8 is a telephoto, so doens't really compare in the range.

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