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Re: The natural progression of forum wisdom ...

Rick Knepper wrote:

Lens pricing. In 2006, Canon embarked on an upgrade program of their L series lenses starting with the 85L II. The upgrade for the 85 was subtle because the lens was stellar as it was but the price increase was anything but subtle. They've redone most of the L series lenses by now at a pace of 1 or two per year, plus filling holes in the line-up with new lenses, with some of these upgrades being more significant than others but all had one thing in common - big price increases. I believe the upgrades were a clever pretense to increase prices.

Price increases are part of the reason; but also, lenses are being improved and that higher quality costs more. This is the trend we'll continue seeing for lenses.

I do remember, though, at one time some existing Canon lenses jumped in price ~ 30%. Now that's not nice..

Now, talking about cyclical, the Canon forum now has the feel of the pre-D800 Nikon forum, you know complete denial, in that "22 MPs is more than enough". But just you wait. When Canon releases its leap frog high resolution camera, resolution will quit being a cuss word over there.

Ah, yes.

Nikon forums are no stranger to this. In the pre-D3 days, we had people saying our uber-noisy sensors were as good as Canons at the time, and that no one needs FF. Now the punchline - those who were saying this, all bought D3 as soon as it was available and changed their tune immediately.. And, as you said, same level of complaining (and BS) before D800 was announced, sky will fall if Nikon makes a 36mp camera. And we see it right now, in the DX forums, "16mp sensors were great, 24mp sucks".. from exactly the same users who used to say that 16mp sucks and 12mp sensors were awesome.

Some people argue against things that would benefit them, for whatever misguided reason, effectively asking for lower quality gear. I tried to put myself in their position and understand why this is, in this post.

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