D600 and the Tamron 24-70 F2.8

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Re: D600 and the Tamron 24-70 F2.8

I recently bought a D800 and Tamron 24-70, and have no regrets so far.

Published tests seem to suggest that optically, it is probably the 2nd best mid-range zoom available in a Nikon fit, behind the Nikon 24-70 but ahead of the Sigma 24-70, Nikon 24-120 and Nikon 24-85.  From my experience with the Tamron, and previously my Nikon 17-55 f/2.8 on D90, I see no reason to disagree.

Most of the time it is not practical for me to use a tripod, and I think I gain more from image stabilization than I lose in optical quality.

The aperture control on my lens is rather wayward, but I also checked it on my Nikon 17-55, and it’s not much better.  Perhaps Canon’s all-electric approach gives better control!  On my Tamron, the aperture does not reduce much down to a setting of f/3.5, but by f/5.6 it has almost caught up to where it should be, letting in not much more than ¼ of the light passing at f/2.8.  Thanks Daniel for the link to the correction procedure, which i was not aware of, but I guess that would make a linear change, which might not help me much.

My main gripes with the lens all concern handling.

  • The lens hood needs a very high torque to attach or remove, and I worry about damaging the lenses internal mechanism.
  • The VC on/off switch can be difficult to operate, as it is fairly stiff and offers little to push on
  • I find I cannot grip the pinch-type lens cap nearly as securely as my Nikon ones, and it is prone to fall out of my hand, or off the lens because I did not place it properly.
  • With my Nikon 17-55, zooming to 17mm pushes the lens well out into the lens hood, so that I can attach or remove my polarising filter easily.  With the Tamron, the much smaller hood is attached directly to the end of the lens, and I need to remove it to change filters.


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