why micro focus adjustment ?

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Re: Does MA only affect auto focusing - or manual focusing ?

Gordon1965 wrote:

Forgive possibly a very basic question but as we know the dumbest question is the one you don't ask. I am still on my learning curve for many aspects.

We all are on many things.

Does MA simply affect the auto focus ?

Yes. The mirror PDAF to be precise. I have not yet read any details on how MA affects sensor PDAF. It definitely does not affect CDAF in those cameras which have that - there is no point to MA in a CDAF system.

When I am using manual focus am I seeing WYSIWYG or am I seeing what the camera a"thinks" it is seeing at the time but then the recorded image is different. And thus MA affects both Manual and Auto Focus ? I know of course I am not seeing DOF in the EVF by default.

When you use manual focusing with zoom or focus peaking the same sensor which will record your image is used to ascertain focus. Thus, you're getting the focus you see, excepting DOF.

I adjusted my lenses on the weekend and had a couple of -10 and + 10 and when I was doing the process it seemed that what I saw on the panel EVF was very close to what I saw in the photo.

It should be the same, excepting any change in aperture.

I also found it a bit confusing trying to adjust my 70-300 Tamron as when zoomed in its at 5.6 so it always had more DOF than the other lenses and thus harder to see the printed image even zoomed in close - maybe I need to print it larger !

Or maybe you don't have to worry much about adjusting the focus plane on that, if the DOF is that big. But only you can decide that.


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