Sony NEX-5 Upgrade

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Re: Sony NEX-5 Upgrade

Damián B wrote:

Hi All,

It's been around 3 years since I bought my NEX-5 + 18-55 + 16 mm. Eventually, I got the Ultra-wide adapter and a Tamron 18-200 (That replaced my 18-55). I also have a Minolta MD 50 F/2 that I love for portraits and to use it when it's dark.

Now, I'm thinking about upgrading, and if either replace my body with a new NEX or get a second, better camera and use the NEX only for occasional/backup purposes.

I'm not a professional and I've never printed any pic. I'm shooting RAW now and processing with LR 4, then upload to Facebook or show them to friends using an iPad.

Just today I've got a used (free) Nikon 70-300 FX format that is around 140 usd online. And I hope it is working! haha.

I'm just wondering if buying a Nikon D600 FF would make sense as a proper upgrade. I'm ok with the NEX but the AF speed is really sluggish and low light performance is not that great.

I know I'm trading that lovely form factor, easy to carry photography. I mean, if I go out at night... not when traveling, I just take my NEX in a small messenger bag with my lenses and I'm ready to go.

The Nikon is FF, weather sealed, fast AF, good variety of lenses, etc... Only thing that concerns me is how big it is.

What do you think? I'm not in a hurry, my NEX is working perfect.. same as the first day. I did read about the RX1 but the idea of a fixed lens and no VF doesn't really appeals to me. I need an all-purpose camera.


As someone else mentioned here, the Nikon D600 is no doubt a great camera, but you are used to the small camera frame and the NEX format, so why change it. The NEX 5N is way better than NEX 5 [I have two 5N and one 5R] ... and the body only, or single lens kit is currently very cheap.  I you buy the EVF with it ... and update the camera and lens firmware .... you will get lot faster focussing and picture processing than with the earlier NEX 5. If you want to splash out more money [after all, you were thinking of buying Nikon D600 ?] .. buy the NEX 5R with EVF, or NEX 6 .. both are superb cameras. You can still use the old NEX 5 with Nikon/NEX adapter and in the al focus mode .... where the slow auto focusing doesn't matter. If your NEX 5 works and the old 16 mm and 18-55 mm are alright [the 18-55 lens is upgradable to ver.02 of firmware, with NEX 5R], why would you get rid of it. If you sell the camera and kit lenses as the unit, you will get next to nothing, probably as little as $200. If you keep the body and sell the lenses separately, you might get as much as the new NEX 5N would cost with one kit lens e.g. $300.00. But if you want to stay with the NEX system upgrade properly .. the NEX 5R would be the best, specially if bought with the EVF ... is a great camera, a considerably better than your NEX 5. If you decide on NEX 5R [or NEX 6] ... make sure that it comes with 18-55 lens and not the 16-50 compact zoom lens ... a) you will save $100.00+ .. and b) the 18-55 is a better lens

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