Sony NEX-5 Upgrade

Started Feb 26, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Sony NEX-5 Upgrade

Well when you don't print BIG and you don't pixelpeep then the D600 is way overkill.
When you want fast AF you better invest in the LA-EA2 adapter and some A-mount lenses.

The Nikkon is a beast, IQ is very good etc, but will you take it with you every time you go out?
Not oly it is large, but it is heavy too. Only the body (with 850 grams) is allmost twice the weight of the total Nex (Nex5n with kit lens at 463 grams) With lens the Nikon is 1115 grams. Sie here: the difference in size .

Remember the best camera iss the one you carry with you, not the one left at home...

You could easely use your monney for som fast glass and the adapter for the Nex 5 and enjoy the high quality the Nex gives you, even at low light.

I own the Nex 5 and love it. Low light is not as bad as it seams. it is less then two sops worse then the Nikon (See DXO ) With some fast glass you will overcome that problem.

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