Whale watching with an OMD

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Re: Whale watching with an OMD

kevinparis wrote:

had the wonderful opportunity to go whale watching in Maui... an amazing experience.... and tricky to capture with the camera... but here are some of my efforts.
OMD with pana 45-200, oly 75 and maybe the 12-60 kit zoom.
It is tricky shooting on a moving boat...and actually I think i would recommend not shooting at the longest focal length ... as it is tricky to frame at that magnification... and if the wales are 100 yards away they end up at featureless black lumps any way. If they get close you will want something wider!
Hats off to the Nation Geographical guys who do this stuff for a living

more and larger images here... I will add a few more tomorrow...just back in LA from Maui



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if you really must see my photos then try

Yeah, wonderful experience indeed. The photos are too blue in tone. Even the white clouds & white skin of the whale were washed out with blue.  I suggest you revisit your pp. a bit of sharpening too.

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