Nikon V2 or second hand D300 ?

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Re: @ Billy1 !

JP Scherrer wrote:

Billy1 wrote:

Hi JP,

Just to let you know it was your series of pics:

that convinced me to get the V1 last Feb. and glad I did:)

Would be nice to see you back here.

Good luck in whatever camera you decide on.

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Hi Billy !

Been quite a long time, hey ? Indeed, last year I bought a D800 (but kept my D700 for a while), so I gave my V1 (but kept the J1) !

....and a few weeks ago I sold the D700 (stupidely perhaps?)

...but well... Life is short, so, why not having fun ?

in the end, I might well buy a second hand V1 again, as they are cheap now !



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Hi J.P,

Like you I also have the D800 but have kept my V1. The D800 is unbeatable for iq with a 300mm f2.8 as you already realise. I still use the V1 regularly as a teleconverter without aperture loss so it stays in my bag, as a travel camera with a 70-300vr which for some airlines is all you can carry on and as a kitchen camera with a 300mm f4 (did you keep yours) for garden birds.

Asyou have an ft1 and V1's are so cheap, and you have a D800, I would either add another V1 or wait until the v3 is out (as I intend to) and see whether a cheap v2 or a normal price V3 is better for you.

I am adding images from the v1 from my Florida trip (exclusive v1 and 70-300vr ) to my V1 Flickr site.below  And they will include several birds in flight..

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