Whale watching with an OMD

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Re: Whale watching with an OMD

I'm envious - that's something I haven't done yet, and it looks like you were really close for some of those photos. The photos look great - looking forward to seeing more on your flickr stream.

A couple of notes / questions:

Did you shoot JPEG only here, or RAW + JPEG? Whatever the case, I'd suggest shooting RAW + JPEG in a 'once in a lifetime' situation like whale-watching in the Pacific might be for some, so you have the most leeway to adjust the photos and get the absolute most quality out of them.

It looks like you have a tendency to tilt the left side of the camera up just a bit, causing the horizons to slant slightly from upper-right to lower-left. It's more noticeable on ocean pictures like these, especially the ones with such a clear and mostly unobstructed view of the horizon. This is something that's easy to fix in post processing. I have a tendency to tilt my OM-D the other direction - it's something I'm aware of and continually trying to improve.

On the very first shot in your flickr stream, there's some pretty angry purple fringing that could be fixed in post. That's an excellent photo, and I think it would really help to clean that fringing up.

Hope the C&C is OK. I really enjoyed the photos. I hope to have the chance to do something like this one of these days, and hope I do as good a job capturing the experience as you have.

Thanks for sharing!


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