Will a Graphics Card be of Any Use to Me?

Started Feb 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Will a Graphics Card be of Any Use to Me?

Hudsonriver wrote:

Apparently I was under the wrong impression that 4000 video card was integrated into the mother board so that another video card could not be added so my question is.. If you build a computer from lets say Sony and it comes with the 4000 graphics card and you chose a better video card during the build will the 4000 remain in the system so that your better card can be removed in case theres a heat problem etc..Thanks for your time ...Jeff

The HD4000 is part of the intel CPU itself.  It is not a barrier to installing another, and will always remain there if you decide to use it again.  There's even some tech to share use cases between the hd4000 and the discrete card.

But as suggested, unless you find a need, don't bother yet.

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