Panasonic to Shrink

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Marti58 wrote:

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Marti58 wrote:

i think we see something happening in this forum as well, its dominated by the RX100/ RX1 where are the other models ?

I can think of two possible reasons why this forum is dominated by the RX duo. First is because they are the most exciting cameras that Sony produces right now. Second because they are more "advanced" than the other compacts and expensive too and so people want to ask questions here to get the most out of their purchase.

it was already happening before the RX100 came to the market, the declining sales of P&S cameras is going for some time thats not a public secret.

we did not see many posts of the HX10/20/30 and some other recent models.

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i think you're both right. there is excitement about new models that "push the envelope" (i really detest that phrase, why am i using it?), generating considerable discussion at sites like dpr, and those that don't are simply brushed aside. the other part of that is that perhaps not that many new to the photographic market care about participating at sites like dpr. maybe today's "average" consumer of cameras is a little more sophisticated and amazon will have to do more to attract participation. phone cameras are widely available for snapshots that are good enough for facebook, instagram or what have you; not much discussion necessary for those basics. i wonder what surveys the producers of photographic equipment are turning up about what consumers care about?

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