Point and Shoot with best video AND audio?

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Re: Point and Shoot with best video AND audio?

I have an SD-890 and the audio is so good. All my concert videos come out great. But I too need more zoom and want HD. I use my camera mainly for concert video or if I go here a band play at the bar. Saturday I went and bought the SX-260 and went to hear my friends band play. He got about 4 HD videos recorded and the battery went dead and GPS was off. I then recorded a couple with my SD-890 so we could compare and the audio was so bad on the SX-260 and mine was so much better and clear. Canon recommended the SX-260 to have as good of audio as my SD-890 and when I called them today they said the ELP cameras are the newer models of the SD series and to try and elph. But the optical zoom is lower than on the SX-260 but still higher then on my SD-890 but I wanted a decent wide angle high optical HD with decent audio and I can direct you to my you tube page my concert videos from the SD-890 are great and I know someone above mentioned they had the SD-850. If you find a good one let me know. I am at a loss as to which model to get or if there even is one with as good of audio as my SD-890. But I want more zoom and HD would be nice.

The ELP 320 was recommended to me with a touch screen LCD and it had all decent sepcs until I saw optical zoom 5 that's what I have now but it had a 24 wide angle and like 16.1 megapixel and was HD. But I still don't even know if one of the Elphs will have good audio. I bought the SX-260 on Saturday with a 14 day return policy. The guy in the store said try turning on some wind feature and that I might want to put gauze over the mic holes. On my 890 I don't need anything over the mic it's just great sound and it's in .avi now there all.mov don't know if that's a difference. Canon said no that .mov compresses better.

But if anyone finds a good one please let me know. I use it more for concert video than anything else.  Thanks!

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