Photographer of football photo is on the legal war path

Started Feb 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Rdefen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,509
Re: He wont win.

And that illustrates one of the problems with a 67 page complaint involving a fairly straightforward claim. No one wants to read it.

He's not suing people that took or are using "similar" photos. He's suing people that used the photo he took.  Just like if you go to the football game and snap a photo I can't use it w/o your permission (barring some fair use defense).

Among other elements of his claim, he needs to prove they used his photo. He says he changed his original photo in subtle ways to track certain usages.  And for some defendants he alleges to have delivered the original photo to them.

The lesson I got from his complaint -- register your photos for maximum protection.  And maybe don't write a diarrhea complaint because no one wants to read it.

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