panasonic lens 45-200 $99.00

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Re: Best Buy run around ..

I tend to agree. Same situation where in Houston/Spring/Woodlands area. I'm here in Afghanistan now and when I read the post, I went to look at Best Buys around where I live. 3 stores says "available" on their web site. So i text my wife and daughter to go get one for me. There's a BB within 3 miles from the house and it is one that said has some available on their website. When my wife got there, the salesman said that they just ran out and that they have an "open box" item with no box, paper works and who knows what else is missing. My daughter lives in downtown Houston and went to a couple of BB too and she was told that they just sold out and same story, the sales person mentioned that they too have an "open box" item but were missing the lens hood and all scratched up. They also mentioned that they have a returned item but no one knows when it was returned and why it was returned. My daughter then called her bf which lives near the Woodlands to go check the BB there. He called and was informed that they do have it in stock. When he got there, Lord and behold, yes they do have one, and again an "open box" item and missing some items.

I don't like shopping at Best Buy (Circuit City was far better) but on occasion like this where a supposedly excellent bargain happens every so often, Best Buy don't deliver. Scratch Best Buy from my list of shopping store.

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